Pricing options

Comformark gives you the choice of pricing between Fixed Price or Hourly development fees. The benefits and drawbacks of these options are explained below

Fixed price development

Fixed price development is appropriate where the job is small, for example less than $5000.00, and the requirements are fully specified by the client and not subject to change. We will generally ask for a deposit before commencing and provide you with a contract outlining the scope of the project.

Fixed price development is best when the requirements are clear and well specified, and you want to avoid cost overruns. If the project involves subjective design we'll ask you to sign off on the deign before we commence development.

Hourly pricing development

For larger projects Comformark usually charges by the hour for software development. We will ask for 2 weeks deposit in advance, and bill you monthly for development work thereafter.

Using our development cycle, you’ll know exactly what work has been performed and have an excellent understanding of the progress of your project and the value our services provide.

This option gives you greatest flexibility - you can stop, modify or extend development at any stage of the project.

Comformark provides fixed, or variable quotes, either way our intention is to give you the best outcome for your investment.